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Support for the necessary protocols
Support for the necessary protocols
Flexible CDN settings
Flexible CDN settings
  • Instant purge Instant purge
  • Personal domain setup Personal domain setup
  • Download speed limits Download speed limits
  • Cache settings Cache settings
  • Origin groups Origin groups
  • Prefetch Prefetch
  • Compression for CDN Compression for CDN
  • Raw logs Raw logs
  • Header management Header management
  • Origin shielding Origin shielding
  • Rules Rules
  • Request path changes Request path changes
  • Video content delivery Video content delivery
  • Control of consumed traffic Control of consumed traffic

Content security
Content security
  • Free SSL certificates Free SSL certificates
  • CORS headers CORS headers
  • Origin validation using SSL Origin validation using SSL
  • Access by key Access by key
  • SNI support SNI support
  • Force redirect to HTTPS Force redirect to HTTPS
  • Flexible access policies Flexible access policies

Convenient control panel
Convenient control panel
Connect with CDN
Connect with CDN
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