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How the KHRSV hedge fund increased its investment operation processing speed by 50 % thanks to the G‑Core Labs Cloud

Posted: 27.10.2020
Hedge Fund KHRSV Ltd is a fast-growing public regulated mutual fund with partners all over the world. The company has several dozen remote workers that control multimillion-dollar assets. The daily volume of research and processed information is constantly growing, and performing instant operations requires massive computing capacity.
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How financial organizations use clouds

Today, clouds are used in all fields: in video games, they help to unwrap and scale up projects with a single click; in retail, they help to analyze customers’ behavior and interact with them more effectively; in finance, they help to eliminate risks, automatize operations, and, as a result, serve customers faster and with higher quality.

Process automation and serving speed were the main objectives of the KHRSV investment fund when they contacted G‑Core Labs.

What was the task?

In December 2019, the KHRSV investment fund set a goal for 2020: provide faster access to financial data from the European market and increase the speed and capacity of processing that information. For that, they needed to have an open, scalable, and failsafe infrastructure with good computing capacity that supported the hedge fund’s software.

The challenge was that all managers in the company work remotely, which means that a handy, shared platform for operational work had to be created for mobile workstations as well.

Choosing a public cloud from all solutions on the market was the most obvious decision. After a month of searching, KHRSV tech specialists made their choice and decided to use the G‑Core Labs public cloud in Luxembourg.

Head of the Automated Control System Department at KHRSV

Pavel Zelensky

“We were looking for the perfect vendor that would offer high-quality virtual machines at the best price. Many vendors offer high-quality service, but G‑Core Labs had the most attractive price. The 24/7 tech support service was also a great bonus”

Head of the Automated Control System Department at KHRSV

Pavel Zelensky

Results we achieved

Thanks to the G‑Core Labs public cloud, the KHRSV investment fund was able to increase the quality of receiving and processing information by 50 %, which directly impacted the company’s income.

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