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Protection against all types of DDoS attacks
Protecting servers around the world
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Network ready for any load
Network ready to sustain any load
Moscow Moscow
Ekaterinburg Ekaterinburg
Singapore Singapore
San Jose San Jose
Ashburn Ashburn
Chicago Chicago
Frankfurt Frankfurt
Amsterdam Amsterdam
London London
Sydney Sydney
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Tokyo Tokyo
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How to sign up for protection
Favorable terms for web application DDoS attack protection
Server protection on favorable terms
Additional advantages
The games we protect
Is there protection on the server (VPS/VDS)?

By default, basic protection is activated for these servers which repels basic amplification attacks.

What locations have protection (paid or free)?

Free protection is available in all locations. Paid protection is available only in the locations indicated on the map.

What are the types/layers of paid protection?

There are two types of protection that we provide for our customers:

  • L3/L4 protection. It detects and eliminates all types of amplification and volumetric attacks, as well as attacks on server computing resources, such as SYN Flood.
  • L7 protection. Deeper analysis of passing traffic, identification of anomalies in the packet content. It allows you to separate legitimate application traffic from malicious traffic, providing more reliable protection. This type of protection is effective even when an attacker tries to emulate legitimate traffic.
How to enable paid protection, how much does it cost, what input data should I send to you to set up protection?

To enable protection, please contact our sales department. Information that must be provided to enable protection:

  1. Volume of protected pure traffic.
  2. Service or application you want to protect against DDoS attacks.
  3. Data center where you want to get protection.
  4. Whether your servers are located in G-Core Labs data centers.

Please contact our sales department for more details.

Do you provide protection for customer servers outside of your BILLmanager platform?

Yes. We can provide protection for servers or services outside of our data centers. For a consultation, please contact our sales department.

Do you send notifications of attacks to the customer’s email address?

Paid protection users can enable such notifications upon request to our technical support.

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