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When it is advantageous to use object storage
Who uses our storage
Locations in Europe, USA and Russia
Locations in Europe, USA and Russia
Technical advantages of storage
Reliable cloud storage for use as a CDN origin and any other workload.

Free trial.

Pricing doesn’t include VAT.
0.03/10,000 requests
Traffic: 0.02/GB
Pay as you go

No commitment



5 TB

5,000 GB



20 TB

20,000 GB



Enterprise plan At more favorable terms.
Offer for new customers

Sign up for any number of our services for a total of $250 or more and get $6 per 1 TB of cloud storage for the duration of the contract.

Compare* storage prices

* Data is valid as of July 20, 2021

Included volume (GB)
G-Core Labs Google S3 Amazon S3 Oracle
1 GB / mo from €0.02 €0.0238 €0.0224 €0.0233
Included volume (TB)
G-Core Labs Google S3 Amazon S3 Oracle
20 TB / mo €400 €476 €448 €466
30 TB / mo €600 €714 €672 €699
50 TB / mo €1,000 €1,190 €1,120 €1,165
20 TB / year €4,800 €5,712 €5,376 €5,592
30 TB / year €7,200 €8,568 €8,064 €8,388
50 TB / year €12,000 €14,280 €13,440 €13,980

How we know storage prices of other providers

Some service providers specify the price of their services on their websites. Also, we used data from open sources and information from our clients that we received during conferences and negotiations.

To determine the average price of their services, we took into account such factors as total traffic, traffic peaks, geographic distribution of end-users, additional services one may need, and the willingness to sign a long-term contract.

For example, to estimate the price of Amazon’s services, we used data from open sources and information from our resellers and customers.

What is included in the billing plan?

All billing plans include a certain amount of storage, traffic, and requests. Payments with the PAYG plan are made for resources actually used.

If you need special terms, please contact us and get an advantageous personal offer.

What happens after the trial?

If you selected a billing plan before the end of the trial, the service will be automatically activated at the end of the trial period and the fee will be charged for the plan.

If a billing plan has not been selected, the service will be assigned the “trial ended” status, and access to the data will be blocked. To use storage again, you will need to select and activate a billing plan, otherwise, the data will be deleted soon after.

What type of storage should I choose?

We provide two types of storage: SFTP (file) and S3 (object).

SFTP storage slightly outperforms S3. It has more flexible access rights and extra features. For example, you can set custom HTTP headers and rules or automatically change access rights.

S3 storage doesn’t have these features. But it’s more scalable. You can grow data volumes up to dozens of petabytes in a few clicks. Besides, object storage provides faster access to files.

If high data availability and good scalability are important to you, choose S3 storage. And if additional features and flexible access rights are more important, we recommend you choose SFTP.

How to sign up for storage?

Please see our manual.

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