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Why is it great to work at our company?

We are confident that commercially successful projects can be implemented only by involved and happy employees.

That is why we create ideal working conditions for them.

“I like the everyday drive, friendliness and development. There is a possibility to grow professionally, to expand the borders and to pump up skills. The important thing for me is to be into a common goal with creative and talented people.

It’s so cool to think of yourself as a part of a big strong project (and to feel that big strong project also thinks so). That is what working in G‑Core Labs has been giving me for over two years now.”

Anna Soroka

Anna Soroka,

Web Designer

Favorable financial conditions

“There’s always a room to grow — in terms of skills, career development, responsibility and, as a consequence, salary which corresponds to the European level. It is nice to know that the management appreciates employees and invests its energy and resources into their development.”

Anastasia Iskenderova

Anastasia Iskenderova,

Head of Marketing

And other benefits

“Today it is difficult to surprise with bonuses that are offered in IT. G‑Core Labs understands IT guys’ needs and offers lots of nice goodies: free English training, travels for conferences, good medical insurance, free parking, lounge area with fruit and excellent coffee. It is possible to play Mortal Kombat with colleagues or play a game of table tennis.

The company strives to create a comfortable working environment where all employees feel that they can contribute and fulfil their potential by solving grand challenges that today’s technology leaders face.”

Elena Bolshakova

Elena Bolshakova,

Project Manager

Continuous development

“Every G‑Core Labs team member has an opportunity to continuously max the skills out, attend narrow-focus conferences. I’m pleased that the company cares and gives you an opportunity to learn and take the initiative. Every day is a challenge, filled with entertaining and sometimes very unconventional tasks.”

Anar Imamaliev

Anar Imamaliev,

System Engineer

“Before joining G‑Core Labs, I worked in a web studio, a product company and a startup. But it is here where I felt so comfortable and pleasant. Business processes are clear, development flow is well-arranged. Business analysts define the conditions properly, so there is no need in call conferences and meetings, and that allows you to plan your schedule.

This is important for me, because I love to travel and I have been working remotely for more than two years. During this period, I worked from Turkey, Thailand, Crimea, Sochi and other parts of Russia.

In terms of expertise I can celebrate my growth, which is due to modern technologies and approaches to the development process. During the year I was proving myself as an expert, and thus I was raised.

The team is very friendly. it is important for me, and that is why I’m always happy to arrive to the office for a work trip. And, of course, it warms my soul that I work at a company with global ambitions and clients all around the world.”

Sergey Yarlov

Sergey Yarlov,

Back-End Developer

Responsive management

“Democratic nature and informality are perhaps the most distinctive features of G‑Core Labs. Such approach increases the efficiency and helps fulfil management’s ambitions.

Set of useful goodies and bonuses also affects the loyalty of employees. G‑Core Labs is a company with near zero staff turnover rate.”

Vasiliy Vinogradov

Vasiliy Vinogradov,

Regional Manager

“I have been working at G‑Core Labs for more than two years now, and I like it here. Young and energetic team, informal relations and interactions between the departments make the work very comfortable. At G‑Core Labs, everything is always simple and clear, and I feel that the company cares about me.”

Pavel Zhukovsky

Pavel Zhukovsky,

Web Developer

What we expect from you

“I have been working in G‑Core Labs Moscow office for about six months. I love how the workflow is configured: even though the company employs over 200 people from different cities of Russia, Europe and even Australia, almost at any time you can quickly find the person you need and get an answer to a question. It is even more cool that there are always plenty of food and fruit in the office kitchen.”

Svetlana Sobolevskaya

Svetlana Sobolevskaya,

Marketing Manager

Who can grow in our team rapidly?

Who can grow in our team rapidly?

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